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  • “Tom is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker. He was the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers at our conference. Our dealers and distributors from around the world were entertained with intelligence, humor and practical tools that they will be able to go home and put to use immediately.”
    Don DiCostanzo, CEO
  • “Tom Patty was one of the best speakers our Chamber has had in years. He provided tangible ideas and tools for our members to implement immediately, and long term. He engaged the members to reevaluate their marketing plans, and the reasons behind them to see if they truly were the best means to their desired end. He provided simple, clear direction to achieve marketing success with the limited resources many businesses have today. Our members have requested I have him back this year as they wanted to learn more from him. I highly recommend him. His knowledge and insight is priceless.”
    Pam Blasiar-Smith, Membership Services Director
  • “Tom Patty gave a wonderful presentation as the closing keynote speaker at the 26th Annual HB Chamber Economic Conference! He really engaged the crowd and made marketing easy to understand! We are still giving his book as hot raffle items at our events! I would recommend Tom Patty to any organization wanting to step up their marketing efforts.”
    Marilee Movius, Marketing & Communications Director
  • Tom inspired the over 400 attendees at the 2nd Annual SCORE Women Business Owners Conference. He brought to the stage 5 SCORE Superstar Women, who, with mentoring and clear direction from Tom and other SCORE counselors, grew their business from start-up to multi-million dollar businesses. His passion for helping others and his insight in identifying the right marketing strategy were the key to helping them achieve their dreams. He motivates everyone in the room.
    Martha Ryan, Chair, OC SCORE Women’s Program